What are some tips to earn more or spend less?

Reduce Spending:

  • Re-negotiate the ‘big bills’ e.g. home loan, electricity, gas, water
  • Make shopping lists and stick to them
  • Stocktake subscriptions and cancel those you do not use
  • Consider what you can DIY (e.g. lunch, coffee, cleaning) rather than buy
  • Unsubscribe to shopping emails
  • Sell some unused stuff (eBay, Gumtree, Facebook)
  • Public transport, Uber Pool or car pool rather than drive or Uber

Earn More

  • Take on overtime (if available) or work a second job, ride sharing/UBER, food delivery, cleaning etc
  • Earn a promotion or negotiate a higher salary
  • Move jobs
  • Put some cash in the bank to earn interest
  • Make some investments