Talking money – Interview with Kate Campbell

Kate is the founder and editor of How To Money (HTM), a personal finance platform for young Australians. Kate created HTM from a passion to help young Australians start talking about money, and share the resources she finds along her financial education journey. Kate started her own journey a few years back, and now works in the Australian financial technology sector. We chatted to Kate about money, financial independence and retiring early. She is on track to retire by 40 and shares some of her thoughts on money with us.

Why did you start How to Money?

How To Money is a personal finance platform for young Australians. I love listening to all kinds of podcasts and reading articles online, and noticed there was nothing in the personal finance space targeting young Australians! I’m really motivated to learn more about personal finance and share that knowledge with other young Australians. I started late last year, after spending a while nutting out how to make it work.

What does financial independence mean to you?

I guess the big attraction of financial independence for me, is the feeling of empowerment and self-sufficiency it can give you. I believe you need to take control and responsibility of your finances, and you need to financially educate yourself. I know young Australians want to learn about their finances and take control, but they often feel as though it is out of their power. Let me tell you right now that no one can force you into signing the dotted line for a financial product. You can choose everything from your transaction account to your superannuation, but most people don’t realise how much choice they actually have when it comes to their finances. The main thing that I hope you take away from this — is that it’s never to early or late to take back control, and get started on your financial education journey.

You are listed as being on track to retire by 40 in this Money Magazine article.

[Referencing the article – “Kate Campbell, 19, plans to save $1 million over the next 20 years and live on $40,000pa.”[

At the moment I have the opportunity to live with my family while I’m studying and working, I am able to put a large portion of my income into my diversified investment portfolio. I am also saving up separately for overseas travel when I finish my degree.

What tools do you use in managing your finances?

Online Tax Return: Etax

International Equities Platform: Stake

Australian Equities Platform: Comsec and Macquarie Trading

Portfolio Manager: InvestSMART and an Excel Spreadsheet

Digital Robo-Advice Platform: SixPark

Equity Research: InvestSMART and Livewire

Your money mantra

Don’t make your life about money. Money is a means to an end, not an end in itself. Don’t get lost along the way.


Get in touch with Kate at or on Twitter @HowToMoneyAUS.