How do I stay out of credit card debt

Here are some money hacks to help you stay out of credit card debt

Money matters tips

  • Only spend what you can afford / what you earn
  • Always pay off at least the minimum required (ideally the full required amount)
  • Have an emergency fund (~$2,000 to six months worth of expenses is recommended by experts) for those unexpected situations
  • If you are in debt, consolidate and act! Either tackle debts with the highest interest rates first or the smallest balances if you have multiple cards and are in debt

Spend less or earn more tips

  • Make shopping lists and stick to them
  • Stocktake subscriptions and cancel those you do not use
  • Consider what you can DIY (e.g. lunch, coffee) rather than buy
  • Unsubscribe to shopping emails
  • Sell some unused stuff (eBay, Gumtree, Facebook)
  • Public transport rather than drive