How do I manage my everyday money?

Being financially fit and feeling financially empowered contributes positively to your overall well being. Managing my everyday money is the start of your journey to financial fitness and aims to provide the building blocks to establish a solid foundation which you can build on as you become more money confident.

Managing money everyday involves:

Knowing you money position

– It is difficult to improve something if you have no idea where you are at. A money position will help you to understand your net position on average each month, both from an income less expenses as well as what you own less what you owe. This will support you to take control of your expenses, meet your money commitments and become more goal driven.

Eliminating short term borrowing

– The instant gratification we get from purchasing new clothes or gadgets or eating out at an expensive restaurant quickly fades, however the borrowing that we accumulate to pay for these things can stick around for a long time if it isn’t managed weighing you down from achieving your financial goals.

Saving up for something important

– Imagine feeling confident that you could achieve larger financial goals such as going for that dream holiday, paying for your children’s private school fees or buying a house. Learning how to unintentionally save intentionally and putting your money to work for you will help you to achieve this.

Building resilience for the future and to cope with the unexpected

– Life will always have its ups and downs, having a some money tucked away for a rainy day and some back-up plans will get you face life’s challenges with confidence.