How do I get my money sorted when I am in a serious relationship / getting married?

Being in a serious defacto relationship or getting married changes things when it comes to financial fitness. On the positive side, you are now able to approach things as a team and tackle financial challenges together. However things can become more complicated, and like other things in life there will be compromises that may need to be made due to different preferences or approaches.

F-empowered ideas to help you take control and:

  • Get on the same page as your partner– money is the most common cause of friction in relationships. Getting on the same page will help you to understand what is important to you and your partner and where they are coming from so you can make decisions together.
  • Build and run your finances together – how to combine your affairs and set things up to it is easy to manage. Also how to work as a team to maximise your financial position
  • Build resilience for the future and to cope with the unexpected– Now you don’t just have yourself to think about, you have your partner and potentially children to think of. How to you ensure you will be well positioned if something goes wrong or the unthinkable happens.