How do I get my money in order when I start a new job?

Starting a new job is an exciting change. As your job is likely to be your main source of income, changing jobs could have an impact on your financial fitness. This section aims to empower you with information and ideas to help you confidently make decisions to ensure your new job positively impacts your money.

F-empowered ideas to help you take control and:

  •  Set up your banking basics – when you start off a new job it is helpful to set up an everyday banking account (where your pay goes, but earns no interest), a savings account (earns interest) and your superannuation
  • Negotiate your salary and conditions – It is important that you are being paid what you are worth and we have tips to help you achieve this as
    well as help you to understand the options you have around your pay and how to better match them to your circumstances
  • Understand superannuation and save for retirement – We throw out the superannuation jargon and empower you to
    make the most of it to maximise your retirement savings
  • Build resilience for the future and to cope with the unexpected – If your job is your largest source of income, you should have a back-up plan if the unexpected prevents you from working. We help you to understand different ways to protect yourself and your family and give you the best
    chance to get back to work