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F-Empowered offers independent programs proven to increase financial fitness

We are the only Australian company solely focused on reducing money stress with 100% success.

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Empower Me

Access jargon-free resources and useful tools to help you understand and act on your money needs in life’s important moments

Empower Me

Get financially fit through face-to-face and digital programs delivered to students and employees proven to reduce financial stress

Empower Me



Connect with a money coach that will motivate,teach & inspire positive habits and respond to money queries


"I am beyond thankful for the Financial Fitness Immersion. I have a fire in my belly to take action to change my financial fitness and the confidence to be on top of my money"
"I loved the session you ran. So far I have saved $50 per week and am well set up to save up for my house deposit"
"I now know how to organise my money and my life to allow me to achieve my short term goals, and the process to reach my longer term goals"
"F-Empowered has given me peace of mind that my finances are in order"
"I absolutely loved the Couch to $1k program! It gave me the motivation, encouragement and tools I needed to save money and get on track with my finances"
"Although I thought I was financially capable, the Financial Fitness Immersion gave me clear actions to take control of my future. I have since engaged with appropriate experts to get my life insurance and estate planning sorted"
"I have taken my partner through the key steps to getting financially fit following our workshop and we are on track to saving an extra $600 per month as a result of incremental changes"

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